February 12, 2017

Pastor Tammy Sharp Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Matthew 5:21-37 Who doesn’t like a shortcut? Really! A friend of mine…(Go Vickie Stephens) recently qualified to run in the Boston Marathon. Apparently, that is not something you can just sign-up, pay a fee and run. You have to qualify. And, her qualifying isn’t for the 2017 race. It is for 2018. I guess they get qualified so they can train for over a … [Read more...]

January 15, 2017

Pastor Tammy  Sharp John 1:29-42 KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. I know, we aren’t supposed to say stupid. One of the things one often hears when they work around preschool children. BUT, this is the mantra for giving a speech as well as what we think when we want someone to tell us how to do just about anything. If you came up to someone who is really knowledgeable about airplanes and you asked them, … [Read more...]

January 8, 2017

Pastor Tammy Sharp Matthew 3:13-17 We live in the age of electronics. For every person in the room, I am willing to be there are at least that many cell phone or some sort of electronic devices, and at least one of you has left your ringer on. Oh don’t panic. I won’t freak out if one goes off. I am getting used to it. It makes for some humor along the way. We use them to director I lives these … [Read more...]

January 1, 2017

Pastor Tammy Sharp Matthew 2:13-23 Happy New Year!.. The first Sunday after Christmas is the Sunday that we do the Service of Lessons and Carols at Christus Victor Lutheran Church. I think we started doing that a while back when I took the week after Christmas off. This service is one that can be done without Ordained clergy because it isn’t a communion service, and there is really no place … [Read more...]

Sunday Evening in Izmir

Hello all, I  know that you have been hoping to hear from me a bit more.  I do apologize.  The WiFi connections have been lousy.  Getting onto Facebook has been easier.  I am guessing it has something to do with security. Anyway, I hope you read the newsletter.  I sent a long article to Phyllis with some details.  For now let me just say WOW.  That seems to be my reaction at every sight.  I am … [Read more...]

Back in Turkey

Hey everyone, We spent yesterday on the Island of Patmose where John received his Revelation. Went to the Cave dedicated to this.  That was great to see.  Last night and tonight we are in the port city of Kusadasi where we will spend tonight as well.  Going to see Ephesus today.  After that I would have to consult my itinerary.  It is amazing. We have had some sadness on this trip.  pastor Pete … [Read more...]

Night in Athens

Hello Everyone. Well, we are in Athens and I Finally have decent.  If Only I can get the keyboard to work right. Today has been a mazing.  If you are on facebook you can look at some pictures from today.  We went to .  It is a place that is in the midst of huge rock formations.  There are several monasteries built on the edge of massive rock mountains.  I have taken pictures but I don't think … [Read more...]

First day in Greece

I am attempting to upload some pictures of Greece but we shall see how that goes.   Yesterday was a day of travel for the most part.  We left Istanbul and made a 3 hour drive to the Turkish boarder.   We had to transfer to a different bus to cross the border into Greece.   On the Greek side we had to get off the bus and our luggage had to be sniffed by the dog.  Then back on the bus and off to … [Read more...]

The Journey has just begun

Hey all sorry there won't be pictures attached to this blog.  Seems I have brought a camera which I can't get the pictures off of.  I will catch up tomorrow.  I promise. The trip wasn't bad.  12 hours isn't awful when you know something is around the corner.  I will do my best to fix this problem ASAP. Today we did a lot of walking.  It amazes me that I see no houses.  People live in … [Read more...]


Good   morning everyone.  It is 5:30 a.m. here in Istanbul.  That makes it 9:30 p.m. last night for you.  We arrived last night and the weather was beautiful We got settled into our hotel and then met for dinner.  Dinner was on the top of the hotel overlooking a harbor with a mosque off in in the distance. still figuring out loading pictures and this overly sensitive keyboard that keeps jumping … [Read more...]