January 15, 2017

Pastor Tammy  Sharp John 1:29-42 KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. I know, we aren’t supposed to say stupid. One of the things one often hears when they work around preschool children. BUT, this is the mantra for giving a speech as well as what we think when we want someone to tell us how to do just about anything. If you came up to someone who is really knowledgeable about airplanes and you asked them, … [Read more...]

January 8, 2017

Pastor Tammy Sharp Matthew 3:13-17 We live in the age of electronics. For every person in the room, I am willing to be there are at least that many cell phone or some sort of electronic devices, and at least one of you has left your ringer on. Oh don’t panic. I won’t freak out if one goes off. I am getting used to it. It makes for some humor along the way. We use them to director I lives these … [Read more...]

January 1, 2017

Pastor Tammy Sharp Matthew 2:13-23 Happy New Year!.. The first Sunday after Christmas is the Sunday that we do the Service of Lessons and Carols at Christus Victor Lutheran Church. I think we started doing that a while back when I took the week after Christmas off. This service is one that can be done without Ordained clergy because it isn’t a communion service, and there is really no place … [Read more...]

December 18, 2016

Pastor Tammy Sharp Matthew 1:18-25 Who doesn’t love a surprise? This time of year we seem to share stories of Christmas’s past and the surprises we encountered along the way. I have shared with this congregation how special Christmas eve always was for me growing up. To this day, as I read the Christmas Eve Gospel from Luke, I hear my grandfather’s voice saying the words and wish I had that … [Read more...]

November 20, 2016

Pastor Tammy Sharp Luke 23:33-43 My husband and I watch a lot of TV. It is what you do when your activity levels are a bit limited. While he was in the hospital for the last few weeks, he got behind on some shows that we watch so he was binge watching to catch up. He finally got to the most recent episode of Designated Survivor. From the very beginning of the episode, Rick did what he does … [Read more...]

October 23, 2016

Pastor Tammy Sharp Luke 18:9-14 Last week I invited you to let God have it. As we heard the story of the persistent widow who won’t let up letting the judge know she wants justice, I encouraged you to let God know what was on your mind even if it meant getting angry with God and shouting a few expletive’s. God is bigger than our anger and frustration. I have not been struck by lightning so I … [Read more...]

October 16, 2016

Pastor Tammy Sharp Genesis 32:22-31 Psalm 121 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 Luke 18:1-8 I was 16 or 17 and I was angry. I was angry because things at home seemed to always be crazy and ever changing. I was frustrated that, no matter how hard I tried, it just never seemed to be enough to make life simple. I looked at my friends and things seemed to be simple for them. That is the mind of a 16-17-year-old. … [Read more...]

October 2, 2016

Pastor Tammy Sharp Luke 17:5-10 Knowing I was going to be up at the hospital, and would not be going to my Text Study, and I wouldn’t be in the office with my commentaries and other resources, I was relieved to read this morning’s Gospel text. We have been hearing some uncomfortable things from Jesus in recent weeks. We have had to wrestle with hearing that families will be divided and we are … [Read more...]

Sunday Evening in Izmir

Hello all, I  know that you have been hoping to hear from me a bit more.  I do apologize.  The WiFi connections have been lousy.  Getting onto Facebook has been easier.  I am guessing it has something to do with security. Anyway, I hope you read the newsletter.  I sent a long article to Phyllis with some details.  For now let me just say WOW.  That seems to be my reaction at every sight.  I am … [Read more...]

Back in Turkey

Hey everyone, We spent yesterday on the Island of Patmose where John received his Revelation. Went to the Cave dedicated to this.  That was great to see.  Last night and tonight we are in the port city of Kusadasi where we will spend tonight as well.  Going to see Ephesus today.  After that I would have to consult my itinerary.  It is amazing. We have had some sadness on this trip.  pastor Pete … [Read more...]