Bell Choir

Message from Stacy Keener,  Bell Choir Director


When: Mondays at 6 pm

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon. Music has been a big part of my life
since I was old enough to sing. At the tender age of three, I was an angel in the church Christmas pageant singing
“Silent Night.” At eight years old, my grandmother would have me sing in front of the relatives during our 4th of
July get-togethers. At 12, I was singing “Top of the World” by the Carpenters during our first Roehm Reunion. In
8th grade I was singing solos in the Fernwood Junior High Choir in Biloxi, Mississippi. In high school I was singing in the junior choir at church and helping out with Vacation Bible School. When I came to Texas in 1988, I
joined the church choir before I became a member of the church. When I became Worship Committee Chair in the
early 2000’s at Christus Victor, I felt I needed some formal education on Lutheran hymnody and worship services
as well as directing. I became a certified church musician in 2006. I wanted to be part of the music scene at
Christus Victor, but life was getting in the way. I feel a calling to music ministry and I have enjoyed my 5+ years
directing the Bell Choir. I will continue to do so as long as we have people to play. That is my first love and the
Bell Choir is growing and starting to tackle more difficult pieces. We did a great job on “I Have Decided to Follow
Jesus.” I could not be more proud of this group. We can do more with your help if you would like to join us
(Mondays 6:00 PM). We will be playing on Palm Sunday (April 9th) with the Adult Choir and on May 21st
for our last performance of the year. We will break for the summer and be back in the fall.
I have done a lot of praying and soul searching and I felt that I could not let the Adult Choir down. I made a deal
with one of the Adult Choir members that if she joined the Bell Choir, I would join the Adult Choir. I agreed because not only did I want more Bell Choir members, but I felt that I was missing something by not singing on a regular basis with a group. The Adult Choir has dealt with the loss of three directors in less than a year. With us being so close to Easter, I thought that I would step in and direct the Adult Choir until the end of the school year and
see what happens over the summer. I have directed Children’s Choirs in the past, but I thought, how hard could it
be to direct adults in singing. I will admit to you that I am stretching my musical abilities. I am so glad that the
Adult Choir is being patient with me as I am learning how to direct on them. My directorial debut will be on
March 26th, and you will have heard us by then to know how well I did. Karen Connelly and I will be singing solos
and the choir will be women only that week. I think you will enjoy the piece which is a version of Psalm 23. We
have enough music to get us through until May 7th and then we may try a hymn a Capella on the 14th. Our last
week will be on Pentecost, June 4th. We will break for the summer after that. Come join us on Tuesdays at

The Praise Team did a great job on March 19th. I joined with them so I could sing “Gospel Changes” by John
Denver as the anthem. I love singing with them and wish I could do it more often, but being in all three musical
groups is a little hard for me to do. The Praise Team meets right after church on Sundays and could use more people. If you listen to KSBJ, you will like this group. Their next performances will be on April 23rd and May 21st so
you will want to be a part of that.

This brings me to my monthly plea for members. I am not just asking for Bell Choir members, but we also need
Adult Choir members and Praise Team members. Now that we do not have a permanent organist, these groups are
even more important especially as we are coming up to Holy Week and Easter. Plus, the Adult Choir needs more
men in it. It is not that I am biased, but there is a definite difference in sound between women’s and men’s voices
that more than one man is required. Please don’t be shy about stepping up to help one of these great musical
groups. Even if you play an instrument, that would be great. After we break for the summer, I am going to be asking volunteers to do special music over the summer months so that our accompanist doesn’t have to do all the
heavy lifting. If you are interested, please get with me and I will set up a schedule.
Keep our music program in your prayers and help us either physically or spiritually to make a joyful noise to the
Lord! See you in church!

Stacey Keener
Bell Choir Director