Spring Break is March 9-17th. Many of our families do not go away during this time and it is a great opportunity for us to get together with the students. We have two activities planned.

Tuesday, March 12th, 10 a.m – 2 p.m. at Jumping World, Adults from our church will be present to help supervise the kids from our congregation. The cost is $11 for two hours (it is a Tuesday special they have) or you can pay $20 for your child to jump all day. (we will only be there 10-2). You will bring the child to Jumping world and pick them up there as well. With it being so close to the church, this makes a lot more sense. YOU MUST COMPLETE A JUMPING WORLD WAIVER FOR YOUR CHILD. You can do that online at Cut and paste this link into your browser and it will take you right to the waiver. This would be the best way to do the waiver. I also have some paper waivers you are welcome to come and get. If you bring your child, be sure to let the church adults present that your child is there. Thanks

Friday, March 15th from 4:30 TO 7:30 3310 Delesandri dr., Kemah, Tx 77565. We will be getting together at Johnny and Carol Vykukal’s “Animal Playland”. (that was my name for it nothing official) It is a time for the kids to have a great time hanging out with the animals and each other. We will play some games together, enjoy time outside (if at all possible) and get to know one another in some fun ways. With the recent rain, be sure to have the kids wear shoes they don’t mind getting muddy. We will roast Hotdogs and Marshmallows and even make smores. This is for kids of all ages, but any child younger than 6 needs to have a parent stay with them. Adults are welcome, with or without kids. I will have a sign up sheet in the Narthex simply to help us have a rough head count as we get food for the day. We can’t promise the kids will come home clean, but they will go home smiling!!!!!!

July 14-19, Camp Lutherhill. 8 children from 2nd – 7th grade are attending camp along with myself and Vanessa Zambrana. It is our hope that the church could pay half of the fee for the kids to camp and the total cost for the sponsors. The cost per child is $460 per child with an additional $50, for our two Jr. High kids going. (the Jr. high kids are doing some extra things that week). Many of our families have more than one child going to camp so this can be difficult. For our congregation to pay the part we hope to, we need $2540. The church as budgeted $1200 for Camp. We are excited that we have several more attending than we anticipated. So we need to raise the additional $1340. Payment in full has to be done by May 1st to keep the rates where they are. If you are interested in making a donation to this cause, please put your contribution in an envelope (we will be sure some are in the pews) and mark that it is to go to the cost of Camp. Thanks.

Confirmation Mentor. In the fall I will begin our first confirmation class in 3 years. We simply haven’t had students this age in a while. We have at least 4 youth who will be in 7th or 8th grade in the fall 3 boys and 1 girl. This will be our Confirmation class though we could possibly add a few others by that time. It is my hope to have a Mentor for each of these children. The Mentor will be a part of the class as well, and will take special not of the person they mentor to provide encouragement and support to them both in and out of class. Think about the possibility of being one of these mentors. No commitment now. I will get a more specific explanation of this part of the program at a later date, but I wanted you to be thinking.

For now, this is enough. You will be hearing more in the near future. Thank you for all you do to support our kids!