Quilt and Stitch

Starting in April 2024 we will begin a new group called “Quilt and Stitch”. The plan is to meet twice a month, on
the first Friday morning and the third Saturday morning from 9 am to 12. We welcome those who can knit,
crochet, quilt, or sew and even those who can’t. We will find something for everyone to do, and we’ll teach
you how to do it. All are welcome to join us whenever you are able.

Our priority is to continue making quilts for our high school graduates and for baptisms (both adults and infants). Individual tasks will involve picking fabrics, measuring with a ruler, using a rotary cutter, sewing blocks together on the sewing machine, and making knots to secure the quilt top, batting and backing.

We would like to start an inventory of “Prayer Shawls” that can be gifted at Pastor’s discretion to Hospice patients and others in need of loving support. Therefore, we invite those who would prefer to knit or crochet to bring your projects with you and join in the fellowship. We may be needing donations of yarn in the future to help in this endeavor.

Karen Connelly